Making a Blog-The Creation of Intern Related

After a week of researching, working, and plain frustration, I’ve finished the creation of Intern Related. It was only supposed to take a morning, but with my little experience and perfectionistic tendencies it took much longer than I expected. However, with the help of senior engineer here at VenForma and Mike Wallagher’s helpful blog, I was able to push through it. I present my first post: Making a Blog- The Creation of Intern Related.

1. Finding a Domain Name

I was encouraged to self-host my blog and use my own domain name so that I could own the blog and control all aspects of it. For my hosting, I used an account VenForma has on I found my domain name on a different site:, a website that allows you to search and purchase domains, hosting, security, and more.

I had some difficulty finding a suitable domain. I appreciate cleverness and really wanted a punny domain name involving “intern”. My first idea was internalaffairs, but we found that site was a premium domain on sale upward of $10,000. So, not an option. To think of more ideas, I typed “inter” into the search bar of an online dictionary and pulled the suggested words from the drop down. It resulted in a lot of Latin phrases, like “inter se” and “inter vivos”. I took a liking to the phrase “inter alia”, which I would have used as This domain name would have worked in an even better way too: internalia sounds like paraphernalia: miscellaneous articles, especially the equipment needed for a particular activity. Perfect for a blog written by an intern for everything needed to design a mobile game! I nearly cried finding out that domain was already taken, but not being used, by the company Ontecnia. What’s ironic is that Ontecnia looks like a company similar to VenForma in the way of helping online businesses and companies (Don’t take my word for it- Google Translate can only do so much for me). To further add to my frustration, the company was primarily using “internelia” as their domain; they bought internalia just to redirect to their site.

In the end I settled with internrelated. It was supposed to be a play on the word “interrelated”, but it ended up sounding more like something related to interns. Although not completely happy, I decided to move on and bought for $10.69 a year.

2. Setting up Hosting and WordPress

VenForma had already purchased this hosting from SmarterASP for $171. 72 last year but hadn’t found any use for it, so I took it. I don’t’ have any personal experience with hosting, but Mike Wallagher recommended Web Hosting Hub due to their reliability and TopTenReviews has an informative list of hostings. SmarterASP allowed me to install the hosting pretty easily and then had a variety of PHP applications available through their 1-Click Installer. I chose, designed for the blogging experience.

Next, I went to my account on Namecheap and through the Domain Name Server Setup I pointed my domain name to the three URLs SmarterASP had provided. Lastly, I went to Settings -> General on and edited the domain name there to “”.

3. Themes has over 2,600 themes available to download. Currently, I’m using Sparkling by Colorlib. This is a great theme due to it’s numerous customization options, theme options for colors and layouts, and was developed using Bootstrap 3, making it mobile and tablet friendly. My only complaint is that some of the editing options are hard to understand and find, making the process inefficient at times. Other themes I considered include my lovely theme by, Tesla by Tesla Themes, and Catch Box by Catch Themes Team. Overall, I am still happy with the theme I chose.

Choosing colors for the blog was difficult. I spent more time on it than I probably needed to, going back and forth between colors before finally settling on my first choice. I found that Paletton was a great site for messing around with color schemes (Note: The site has had major updates since when I was using it, which make it harder to navigate in my opinion).

4. Writing the Blog Post

So now I’ve caught up to… right now. I think I’m creating a paradox or something- we’ll be careful.

Writing this post has been difficult. I’ve had to retrace all my steps in order to properly remember all that I did. I also needed to reopen all the websites I used so that I could link them in this post. On top of that, I’ve been starting and stopping during the writing process, making it hard to keep my train of thought. Not to mention editing and proofreading. Making a blog has NOT been as easy as I’d expected.

While my blog isn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be, I’m glad to be done with everything related to setting up this blog. It took a week, but I’ve finally got a presentable website that I can be proud of and share. Now it’s time for the fun stuff- starting on my game!


Aurora Kesler

Intern working at VenForma. Starting a blog documenting my first summer as an intern and working on creating a mobile game.

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