Office Downtime- Ooo vs. Ooh vs. Ohh vs. Ew?

I’m going to start a post series called “Office Downtime”. As I’ve noticed working here the past couple weeks, work isn’t the only thing that happens in the office. Similar to school, a lot of other things happen during the downtime. These can be jokes, interesting personal developments, neat discussions, or arguments. I think that these extra things are important to accurately describing office life and I’m going to start posting about my favorite ones. So, here is my first installation in Office Downtime.

A week or so ago my father and I were throwing around ideas for the mobile game in Campfire, the shared chat room VenForma uses to communicate with all the employees. I had suggested an idea and in response, my father replied “ewww, yeah!” As you might imagine, I was very confused and a little hurt at his response. Was my suggestion that bad? It turns out my father was trying to react positively but did not know how to properly express the sound in writing. This post shows what happened next.

Question: What sounds and expressions do Ooo, Ooh, and Ohh represent?


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